Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

Model making is key to my creative process, bringing a new dimension to my ideas where I can physically play with the space. I'm comfortable with a wide range of materials but my go-to is always paper as there's no guilt when I rip it to shreds to create new and wild forms.


track 2.jpeg
drawing 1.jpeg

Linking the the greater community of Glendale, the running track promotes active learning in the school and togetherness. The conscious choice to replace the metal roof with glass allows more light to enter the space and generates elaborate shadows between the trusses and curves. Where the curvature punctures through the original shed, the walls are peeled back and portions of the roof are peeled up to expose the framing underneath, both intentional moves to maximize the amount of light entering the space.

track 1.jpeg
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In this project, I challenged the idea of a traditional kindergarten by integrating a running track. Inspired by Tschumi’s concept of deprogramming, I allowed the running track to contaminate the kindergarten programmatically and the original clerestory shed formally, interrupting the spaces with dramatic curvatures that peel back and puncture through to create visual and physical connections between the programs. 

photo 1.jpeg
drawing 2.jpeg


Tasked with the challenge of analyzing and unpacking different connection points of Los Angele's historic Gamble House, my group selected those which fascinated us the most, particularly the wall/roof connection in the attic. The following technical drawings display an acute attention to detail and understanding of construction of wood buildings. 

Gamble House Study.jpeg


Performing Arts Center .jpeg

Using the knowledge gained from the Gamble House study, I then individually studied this Performing Arts Centre located in the German city of Karlsruhe. Different materials, climate conditions, building type and program translated into many differences in structure and connection points, proving an interesting comparison. 

Following this, we had to devise technical drawings of connection points in a previous project. In my case, I revisited the clerestory kindergarten. 

Wall_Roof Connection.jpeg
Wall_Roof Connection model.jpeg


The Eames House is the eighth of the Case Study Houses in Los Angeles, becoming an iconic piece of the the city. For this project I was tasked with designing a guest house addition that would complement the existing architecture and site. Harsh angles were developed based off the two prominent views: that upon entry to the property and that within the main house's living room. The goal of the project was to capture the ocean views that the site offers, without obstructing those from the main house, hence this project dug into the earth to become embedded in the landscape. 

eames 1.jpeg